Pinellas Lawn Care Services

Lawn Mowing Programs
Florida Lawn Maintenance company offers mowing programs for residential and commercial properties. Our professional lawn care crews and specialized lawn mowing equipment lets us meet the needs of both large and small properties. We tailor our lawn mowing programs to your specific lawn care needs, including weekly mowing and trimming, edging, and cleaning of walks and drives.
Planting Bed Maintenance
Saint Petersburg Landscaping Service At Florida Lawn Maintenance our planting & flower bed services include weeding, edging, mulching, and complete clean-up of all leaves and debris. Our professional landscaping team also offers ornamental care which includes the trimming and pruning of all your landscape planting and flower beds giving you beautiful curb appeal. We can design a beautiful landscape design for any planting bed areas.
Tree, Shrub Care and Planting
Tree, Shrub Care and Planting Services In Pinellas County We understand that trees and shrubs are very important to property owners and their over all enjoyment of their lawn. We work very hard on your entire landscape to keep your trees and shrubs strong and healthy for years to come. Take comfort in the fact that our professional lawn crew will keep your property with the curb appeal it deserves while enjoying a hassle and stress free experience.
Other Landscape Services
Florida Lawn Maintenance offers a variety of additional beneficial services tailored to your properties individual needs. Core aeration and power raking encourages broader root growth which helps the overall health of your lawn. Additional seeding remedies poor conditions such as compacted soil, poor drainage, and weed infestation. We can solve any landscaping problem you may have.